Saturday, 5 December 2009

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

is all I have heard today, over and over again. I do however have two very happy little boys who are no doubt dreaming, as I type this post, about their little chat with Father 'Kissmas' today.

I wasn't sure how they would react to the larger than life character that is Father Christmas, they are quite shy with strangers at the moment, but they could have stayed and chatted all day! I have to praise the efforts of the people involved. In our town, which is small, there is a little shop decorated as Santa's Grotto and they are open each and every Saturday in December, for the whole day. You enter and can look at the lights, toys, presents etc while you wait and then Santa calls you into his 'office'. A very traditional Santa in a green coat, beard and white hair greets you from behind his big old desk. The boys were mesmerised by a little (obviously fake) robin on his finger that was able to disappear and then fly back at the shake of a hand. He then proceeded to ask what they would like him to bring for Christmas. I have to say bless them, they don't want much, all they asked for is a pair of Mickey Mouse pj's and a Dora (the Explorer) puzzle. Santa wrote the things down on his list so he would remember but I think at his age he may not have seen Dora on the television as he looked somewhat confused!! When it was time to go (at least 15 minutes later as it was quiet) he gave them both a rather large handmade star biscuit coated in chocolate and sprinkles, boy did their faces light up even more. As we left Father Christmas bellowed 'Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho' and off we went.

What I forgot to mention is that all this was FREE! No £5 for two minutes with Santa, no see Santa for nothing then pay crazy money for a silly little gift, it was free. A box was in place to try and raise funds to ensure it happens again next year but there was no pressure. I happily gave a donation - to see the boys reaction to the whole experience was priceless.

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