Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A little ray of sunshine on a cold and wet winters day

This photo makes me smile everytime I look at it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the snow and we have had our fair share of fun playing in what little snow we had, but I look forward to the days when we can enjoy the freedom of the beach, build sandcastles and splash in the sea. I plan to spend more evenings at the beach this year with the boys now they are a little older. It is all to easy to take what is on your doorstep for granted, I have lived a couple of miles from the sea all my life but you see it through fresh eyes when you have little ones to share it with.
The winter weather has however given me time to start many 'crafty' projects but in true style, i tend to start and not finish projects so have nothing to share just yet. I am waiting on a couple of parcels to arrive full of pretty things which should hopefully give me the push I need to get some of my projects finished.
Check back soon to see what i have been up to, I promise I won't leave it so long this time!

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  1. Too true about taking whats on your doorstep for granted -I used to live about 20 mins from Blackpool, not a brillient beach, but OK. But somewhere I could go for a few hours in the weather turn nice or not. Now living in the City, I often feel so sad that I have to drive over 2 hours to get to a beach.