Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fireman Sam and a couple of crafty bits

The sun was shining again today and we all managed to get up early enough to hit the car boot sales, 3 in total!!! The boys have enough toys really but we agreed that if there was something special or a real bargain then they could have something new. Both boys are OBSESSED with Fireman Sam at the moment and they both already have the fire engine and Fireman Sam character but in the last couple of weeks they have been asking if they can have a helicopter from the programme (or hocilidopter as they call it). I couldn't believe my luck when on the first stall i went to i found a set of the vehicles (including the helicopter) for £3.50, from then on I had two very happy little boys and lots of 'thank you' kisses.

We had not been home long when poor old Josh needed to pay a visit to minor injuries after he managed to split his gum. I can only assume from the bits i pieced together from a very tearful, sobbing little boy ( I was in the kitchen when it happened) was that Fireman Sam's Helicopter (flying around in his brothers hand) had somehow managed to collide with his mouth. Luckily minor injuries is only two minutes from our house and even more lucky was that his mouth will heal without any treatment, my mind went into stitches mode for a while there. No doubt as a mum of 2 boys this is just something I will have to get used to.

With both of the little people totally worn out and sleeping I have had time to finish a couple of projects that I started a while ago. Both 'gifts' were made from previous Scrapagogo kits as I am on a mission to use them up before they stack up and i had fun making them as it was a change from creating layouts.

The first is a gift card holder made using the April 09 kt (I think) I would love to credit the person who gave instructions on how to make the tree out of punched leaves, but I stumbled across it when blog hopping and didn't take the details. The bark effect ribbon was just perfect for the tree trunk.

This sweet/Go Go gift was made using the packaging that held the buttons in the November kit, i always save the packaging but this is he first time i have put it to good use.

Tfl x


  1. Oh they are fabulous!

    I love that you got lots of thank you kisses for the toys as well.

  2. Those are such fab ideas Sharon, I am loving making presents at the moment so might have to give those a try xx

  3. For more cute stationery than you could ever need....

    Cute japanese letter sets!!!

    If you buy some, then you have to write me a letter xx

  4. The sweet box looks awesome, I keep thinking about doing that with all the plastic bit's I've got left over from my American Crafts bits and bobs, I think I might save them up for halloween :)